Our Strategy

When you retain the criminal defense attorneys at the Graber Law Firm, we will meet with you and perform a complete assessment of the criminal charges you are facing and the allegations being made. Our trial attorneys will tell you what can be achieved and then aggressively set out to achieve it.

We will look at all of the facts surrounding your particular situation and identify each and every angle which can be used to your advantage. Sadly, it is not uncommon that significant errors are made in criminal cases which can severely prejudice your chances. By devoting attention at the outset and performing a thorough assessment, the criminal defense attorneys at the Graber Law Firm will make sure that no opportunity is missed.

We will immediately go on the offensive and treat your case as one that will go to trial. In many instances a favorable plea agreement is the best resolution. However the only way to get a great plea deal is to use every bit of leverage you have. We will be familiar with your case and will craft a compelling argument that forces the prosecution to put their best offer on the table and the prosecution will know that we are ready to go to trial if they do not offer you a fair deal.

We will arm you with all the information you need and help you make the right decision about whether to ultimately go to trial, which will depend on the deal offered and your particular circumstances. Rest assured that some of our best work takes place in the courtroom, and if you proceed to trial we will be ready to tirelessly defend your case before a judge or jury and put the prosecution to its proof. We will take every step necessary to prepare your defense and employ investigators and experts where appropriate to give you every advantage possible.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about your particular circumstances and our services.