Business Litigation

We run a business too and understand that our work must be geared towards your bottom line.

Our top priority is to effectively and efficiently resolve business disputes; whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, that directly impact the profitability of your business.

When we represent you, we leave no stone unturned so you can focus all of your energy on your business. We handle all the necessary legal tidbits to make working things out go as smoothly for you as possible.

We take pride in our wins at trial, as well as our work on matters where disputes were resolved early and favorably.

There is no denying the fact that the costs of litigation are staggering, not only in terms of financial expense but also in terms of the time value of money.

Corporate managers know that even petty cases can tarnish reputations, damage relationships, and consume large sums of money.

We work hard to find alternative solutions that can nip lawsuits in the bud, resolve long-standing disputes, and produce win-win resolutions for old and bitter fights that would otherwise leave both sides damaged.

Few attorneys in a firm of our size can boast to having as active a practice litigating and going to trial on business and commercial cases including:

  • Breach of contract and real estate issues
  • Embezzlement and fraud
  • Partnership
  • Corporate governance and ownership disputes
  • Wage, hour, non-disclosure/non-compete and employment actions
  • Corporate governance and breach of fiduciary duty matters.

We counsel businesses regarding their contractual and regulatory obligations, so it should come as no surprise that when disputes arise, our knowledge of the law coupled with our focus on litigation and trial court procedure leads to exceptional results.

We actively stay abreast of developments in the law, so we do not need to get up to speed on each new matter, allowing for cost savings without sacrificing quality work.