Partnership Disputes & Shareholder Litigation

Partnership Disputes And Shareholder Litigation

Businesses operating under the umbrella of partnership often fall victim to partnership disputes or shareholder litigation. These disputes are normally very complex due to the multiple dimensions of a business. In such a scenario, having a seasoned law firm by your side can help you resolve the matter amicably, save the reputation of your business, and avoid any potential impact to its revenue.

When a dispute among principals disrupts your business, the Graber Law Firm’s attorneys provide experienced counsel and fierce advocacy in negotiation, mediation or litigation. Any type of litigation can have a big impact on your company, but a partner or shareholder dispute can threaten to destroy it.

We have acted as attorneys in dozens of “business divorces” and our services include:

  • Shareholder Derivative Actions
  • Voluntary and involuntary corporate dissolutions
  • Shareholder oppression actions
  • Fair value hearings
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and fraud claims
  • Appraisal rights